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Commercial Projects

Renovate, Expand, or Custom Build the Business of your Dreams
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Commercial Spaces by Flint Architects

Building your business facility can be very rewarding but at time become stressful. Let Flint Architects take care of your commercial construction need so that you can return to conducting business as usual. We work closely with each business owner with full communication to ensure your ultimate satisfaction with all of our renovation, remodeling, and new architectural design services.



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See how much of a difference a renovation and restoration can make with your patients, employees, clients and more. We can work with you and your staff to improve your workflow, and productivity, maximizing the effective handling of your commercial spaces.


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Additions are a great idea for retail spaces and other types of commercial business. More space for product displays and customer traffic will lead to an increase in revenue, ultimately impacting your commercial property in a positive way.


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Are you thinking of expanding the size of your restaurant? Doing so will allow more room for customers to drink and dine with friends and family, and can help generate more revenue for your business. Make your restaurant the hottest community hangout.


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