Glen Ellyn Remodel of the Year

remodel award lawn sign

In a prestigious recognition of architectural excellence, renowned architect Steve Flint has been awarded the Remodel of the Year for his Glen Ellyn residential project. The award, presented by the Glen Ellyn Historical Preservation Commission, celebrates Flint’s exceptional vision in transforming a 1954 Ranch home into a modern residence with open floor plan while preserving its original charm.

The Remodel of the Year award is a milestone in Flint’s career, reflecting his dedication to excellence and innovation in architecture. His work not only revitalizes aging structures. As more homeowners seek to modernize their living spaces, Flint’s award-winning project serves as a shining example of what can be achieved with vision, expertise, and  commitment.

22003_Weiskopf_Concept 1
22003_Weiskopf 3D View-1
Remodel award house with sign

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